Community Links

Ark’s global community is very active in developing Ark services, creating social media content, and supporting the Ark Ecosystem. If you are new to Ark, jump onto Ark Slack and say hello. Ark folks are a friendly bunch and welcome new faces. is also active in sponsoring Hackathons, attending Conferences, and helping to spread the awareness of the benefits of blockchain.

Social Sites

The Ark Slack channel is the most active social media channel. A great place to ask questions and meet other folks involved in Ark. Lots of other activity is also happening on Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and all the other usual spots.

Community Services

Lots of good stuff here provided to you from the Ark Community. Exciting to see all the new developments in Ark. Bookmark this page because it gets lots of updates about new projects created by the Ark community.

Ark Events

The Ark Team is very active in attending conferences, sponsoring Hackathons, supporting the Ark dev community, and introducing folks to blockchain. Ark is great about providing resources for developing your own blockchain project built on the Ark platform.


Ark is helping the youth get involved with developing in the blockchain space. Ark sponsors numerous Hackathon’s every year to encourage young developers sharpen their coding skills and get interested in Ark. These events are organized around the globe, with an emphasis on developing with the Ark Ecosystem.


The Ark community has been creating some amazing Ark art over the last few years. Browse over some of the recent art pieces here and let us know if there are others to add.