May 2019 Additions to Ark Directory

05/05/2019arkApril GitHub BountyApril 2019: ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program
05/06/2019arkApril 2019 Dev ReportApril 2019: ARK Monthly Development Report
05/05/2019videosDirk Crypto DiggyWhy I Wish More Crypto Projects Behaved Like ARK
05/07/2019arkEvolution of ARKThe Evolution of ARK: Refining Our Business Operations
05/13/2019arkCommunity Spotlight Community Spotlight — April 2019 Edition
05/13/2019arkGoogle Season of DocsARK Among Top 50 Projects in Google Season of Docs Program
05/13/2019arkARK Mobile Wallet v1.4.2Improved Bridgechain Support And Future Core Updates
05/13/2019articlesSwarkSwark: Ark Payment Gateway for Shopware
05/13/2019articlesArkvatar 2.0Launching Arkvatar 2.0
05/13/2019developSwarkSwark: Ark Payment Gateway for Shopware
05/13/2019events7.5 ARK Prize each day!BLACKHAND MUSIC / ARK Rewards for Commenters
05/15/2019arkARK DeployerPush-Button Blockchain
05/15/2019kitsPresentation SlidesARK Consensus 2019 Presentation Slides
05/15/2019kitsPromotional HandoutARK Promotional Handout for Consensus 2019
05/15/2019videosBlockTVBlockTV interview with Justin Renken
05/15/2019videosARK DeployerThe ARK Deployer
05/22/2019arkDeveloping Your First PluginARK Desktop Wallet Development Guide
05/22/2019arkARK Wallet v2.4ARK Desktop Wallet v2.4— Introducing Plugins
05/22/"This year, we have real products." - FX
05/22/2019networkReal-time block sizeThe ARK blockchain's real-time block size in bytes.
05/22/2019videosConsensus 2019ARK Consensus NYC 2019 Video Presentation
05/22/2019developDesktop PluginsARK Ecosystem - Desktop Plugins
05/24/2019eventsARK Deployer GiveawayARK Deployer Giveaway - Enter before May 28 for a Chance to Win ARK!
05/25/2019events1000 ARK prize1000 ARK prize to celebrate Ark Deployer Launch
05/28/2019arkARK Deployer LaunchARK Deployer Launch: Creating Your Own Blockchain in Three Simple Steps
05/28/2019videosWhat are Bridgechains?What are Bridgechains video by Delegate Cam's Yellow Jacket
05/28/2019pressCoinFi NewsARK Launches the ARK Deployer: Enabling Anyone to Create a Blockchain in 3 Simple Steps
05/28/2019pressChina Releases New Crypto RankingsArk is ranked as 14th in China’s Center for Information and Industry Development latest rankings
05/28/2019podcastsThe Bad Crypto PodcastBuilding Blockchains with
05/30/2019arkARK Developer Outreach 3 New Programs to Increase Communication & Collaboration
05/30/2019videosARK Developer Roundtable ARK Developer Roundtable: March 21, 2019

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