June 2019 Additions to Ark Directory

05/30/2019developdevnet faucetARK devnet faucet for DARK coins
06/02/2019videosVending Machine DemoArk BridgeChain Vending Machine Demo
06/02/2019videosARK Dev Roundtable #2ARK Developer Roundtable: May 8th 2019
06/02/2019artConnecting Finance and TechArk - Connecting Finance and Technology
06/02/2019pressArticle on CryptoBriefing.comWhat Is ARK? Introduction To ARK Ecosystem And Token
06/02/2019pressCardRates.com ArticleARK Helps to Improve Business Operations by Leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology
06/08/2019eventsSpring RaffleARKland's Spring Raffle
06/08/2019arkARK Adventure VlogARK.io General Assembly in Paris France
06/08/2019pressReuters.comARK Launches the ARK Deployer: Enabling Anyone to Create a Blockchain in 3 Simple Steps
06/08/2019videosARK Adventures: ParisARK Adventures: ARK.io General Assembly Paris France
06/08/2019arkMay 2019 Dev ReportMay 2019: ARK Monthly Development Report
06/08/2019eventsArk Pizza ChallengeThe Challenge — Pizza dPossibilities. Win Ark!
06/08/2019pressCCN.com ArticleBlockchain Solutions Stack Provider ARK Launches ARK Deployer to Simplify Blockchain Creation
06/08/2019arkMay 2019 GitHub BountyMay 2019: ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program
06/17/2019eventsWin Ark by running a devnet node!Claim up to 100 Ark for running a devnet node
06/17/2019arkARK Adventure Vlog: NYCConsensus NYC 2019 in New York - NY
06/17/2019videosARK Adventures: NYCARK Adventures: Consensus NYC 2019 New York - NY
06/17/2019videosInterview with Ark CEO FX ThoorensIs the ARK going to dominate in 2019? ARK Deployer explained by CEO FX Thoorens
06/19/2019videosThor the ArkvengerLet's not take CMC rank too seriously...
06/21/2019delegateARK RelayDelegate Statistics
06/21/2019articlesCYJ V3 UpdateBridgechains: Constructing a Scalable Ecosystem and Creating Value
06/22/2019eventsSuperskeuo Bounty #2Find the city locations featured in the superskeuo bird wallpaper.
06/22/2019artArk DPoS WallpaperArk DPoS Wallpaper (5160 x 2160) by Super skeuo
06/28/2019videosIce-T for Ark.ioIce-T is down with Ark.io
06/28/2019arkDesktop Wallet Update v2.5.0ARK Desktop Wallet Update v2.5.0
06/29/2019eventsBounty LeaderboardDevnet Bounty Leaderboard
06/29/2019eventsLedger and T-Shirt GiveawayTravis is giving away an $ARK branded #Ledger Nano S and an ARK T-Shirt!
06/30/2019ecosystem Digital Gem TokenArk Bridgechain - Digital Gem Token

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