July 2019 Additions to Ark Directory

07/01/2019networkTransaction SearchSearch by Sender, Recipient, Username, SmartBridge Data, Date, and more!
07/12/2019arkARK Core v2.5ARK Core v2.5 — Deprecation of API v1 & Making a Leaner Codebase
07/12/2019videosARK Website v2ARK Website v2: An Improved Destination for Everything ARK
07/12/2019arkARK Website v2ARK Website v2 Launch: An Improved Destination for Everything ARK
07/12/2019servicesARK paper walletARK paper wallet - Create your Ark paper wallet offline in 2 easy steps
07/12/2019developBuild Your App with ARK LogicAn Introduction To Blockchain Application Development — Part 1
07/12/2019ark June 2019 Dev ReportARK Monthly Newsletter — June 2019 Edition
07/13/2019videosARK Dev Roundtable #3ARK Developer Roundtable: June 27 2019
07/13/2019articlesAdventures in Staking: Part IIAdventures in Staking: Part II - Ark, Neo, and others
07/13/2019articlesFuture of BlockchainFlorida and the Future of Blockchain by Ray Alva
07/13/2019delegateBecome A DelegateARK: How To Register And Become A Delegate
07/13/2019developSetup a New Server Running ARKARK Core: How To Setup a New Server Running ARK Core
07/13/2019arkCommunity Spotlight ARK Community Spotlight — June 2019 Edition
07/13/2019articlesMatthew DC talks about ArkMatthew DC AMA (on Slack) about ARK token and it's future
07/16/2019eventsARK Play Launch Event️A sweepstake event by delegate Lemii to celebrate the launch of ARK Play!
07/16/2019videosARK Core v2.5ARK Core v2.5: Deprecation of API v1 & Making a Leaner Codebase
07/16/2019developArk PlayAn app to create events and competitons in the ARK Ecosystem
07/16/2019eventsACF Board ElectionsSubmission period for candidate applications open until 22nd July
07/16/2019articlesNew Android WalletFull Review: Ark New Android Wallet
07/21/2019videosArk Relay Set-UpArk Relay Set-Up [Tutorial]

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