January 2019 Additions to Ark Directory

01/02/2019arkDecember GitHub WinnersDecember 2018: ARK GitHub Development Bounty Winners
01/05/2019videosVideo from Delegate DelDelegate Del has Big Plans for this Year
01/05/2019videosArk Community Update – Jan 5Ark Ecosystem Update from Jarunik
01/05/2019servicesArk Income EstimatorTool to Display Buys and Sells with a Summary Tab
01/05/2019arkDev & Security Bounty ProgramNew ARK Development and Security Bounty Program
01/05/2019servicesT-Grexx Dino GameT-Grexx Dino Game from Delegate Fun
01/05/2019networkA Map of the Ark NetworkA Map of the Whole Ark Network from Ark.party
01/05/2019articlesWelcome to arkcoin.netRelaunched Web Presence for Ark Delegate Jarunik
01/05/2019kitsPay with ARK ButtonsPay with ARK Buttons from Azure Infinity
01/05/2019articlesThe Future For CYJThe Future For CYJ - The importance of video content
01/07/2019arkClimbing the Slope of EnlightenmentBlockchain Technology: Leaving the Hype Behind and Climbing the Slope of Enlightenment in 2019
01/08/2019kitsPowered by Ark CorePowered by Ark Core - Black Logo
01/08/2019kitsPowered by Ark CorePowered by Ark Core - Red Logo
01/08/2019servicesArkBlockstatsThe latest Tweets from ArkBlockstats (@arkBlockstats) on Twitter
01/08/2019arkVulnerabilities DisclosureARK Security Vulnerabilities Disclosure — #1
01/09/2019videosForging for Contributions AnimationForging for Contributions Animation by Jarunik
01/09/2019arkCommunity Spotlight Community Spotlight — December 2018 Edition
01/13/2019eventsDecentralizedSummit.comJustin Renken to Present ARK at DecentralizedSummit.com Jan 29-30
01/13/2019videosArk Community Update – Jan 13Ark Ecosystem Update from Jarunik
01/13/2019developDeploy Ark BlockchainDeploy your own Ark custom blockchain — step by step
01/13/2019articlesDecember BountiesDelegate rising_sun December bounties
01/16/2019videosArk v2 Wallet Setup GuideArk v2 Wallet Setup Guide by ArkForIT.com
01/16/2019eventsArk Sticker Photo ContestSticker Photo Contest! Win 200 ARK!
01/16/2019socialArkspanishSteempeak Ark Spanish
01/16/2019socialArkportugueseSteempeak Ark Portuguese
01/16/2019eventsACF 2019 ElectionArk Community Fund 2019 Election
01/18/2019arkArk Wallet v2.2.0ARK Desktop Wallet v2.2.0 Released
01/18/2019arkSecurity VulnerabilitiesSecurity Vulnerabilities: Further Steps Towards A Standardized Protocol
01/18/2019videosArk Community Update – Jan 16Ark Ecosystem Update from Jarunik
01/18/2019podcastsITK Crypto PodcastARK.io's Justin Renken speaks on ARK on the ITK Crypto Podcast
01/18/2019developEasy Ark GitHub IssuesEasy Ark GitHub Issues for Developers
01/21/2019servicesArkifierA community service which notifies you when your delegate lost its forging power
01/21/2019servicesARK cold storage walletLimited ARK cold storage wallets now available
01/24/2019videosHow Is ARK Changing Cryptos?Justin Renken on Wild West Crypto Show
01/24/2019arkARK UtilitiesARK Utilities — Making the ARK Ecosystem Faster

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