February 2019 Additions to Ark Directory

02/01/2019blogsThe Blockchain BenchRay Alva's blog focused on Blockchain Law & Cryptocurrency Mass Adoption.
02/01/2019arkARK Ecosystem Bot ARK Ecosystem Bot — Developers GitHub Assistant
02/01/2019arkWallet v2.2.1 ARK Desktop Wallet v2.2.1 — Better Support for ARKChains
02/01/2019videosArkStickers Ark VideoARK Video contest submission by ArkStickers com
02/02/2019videosDecentralized SummitJustin Renken's ARK.io Overview Presentation from Decentralized Summit
02/02/2019artArkceptionArkception by u/dunc2k
02/02/2019arkJan 2019 Development BountyJanuary 2019: ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program
02/02/2019videosArk Community Update – Feb 1Ark Ecosystem Update from Jarunik
02/02/2019articlesCOBINHOOD to list ARKCOBINHOOD now lists Ark with the following trading pairs available: ARK-BTC
02/03/2019articlesARK is an UnderdogWhy I believe that ARK is an Underdog
02/09/2019videosArk Community Update – Feb 1Ark Ecosystem Update from Jarunik
02/09/2019articles30 Days of ARKLearn about Ark with 30 Days of Ark
02/09/2019videosCrypto Mining Ark VideoIs Ark The Best Cryptocurrency To Hold Long Term? Ark Smartbridge Technology & Ark Delegates
02/09/2019arkMobile Wallet v1.4.0ARK Mobile Wallet v1.4.0 Adding Dynamic Fees
02/09/2019arkJanuary Dev ReportJanuary 2019: ARK Monthly Development Report
02/09/2019arkCommunity Spotlight Community Spotlight — January 2019 Edition
02/09/2019articlesACF Exit StatementACF Exit Statement / Thoughts by cam
02/21/2019servicesArk Poker Chips4 Ark Designs Available
02/21/2019servicesArkparty botOpen Github issues on ArkEcosystem repositories from the arkparty bot
02/21/2019videosARK Meetup in UtrechtARK meetup in Utrecht in January 2019
02/21/2019pressDPoS Interoperable SolutionsStartups Will Choose to Build Their Blockchains Using Customizable DPoS Interoperable Solutions
02/21/2019arkARK Core DockerARK Core Docker — Ready. Set. Core.
02/21/2019arkArk on ExodusARK Added To Exodus Multi-Asset Wallet
02/21/2019videosArk Community Update – Feb 15Ark Ecosystem Update from Jarunik
02/21/2019pressPaying Attention to ARKWhy Investors Should Be Paying Attention to ARK | Hacked: Hacking Finance
02/21/2019videosArk Community Update – Feb 22Ark Ecosystem Update from Jarunik
02/21/2019eventsArk Content BountyDelegate rising_sun’s bounty program. 900 ARK pool!
02/23/2019develophermodMonitoring and snapshot capabilities for Ark V2

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