April 2019 Additions to Ark Directory

04/01/2019arkARK Dev Bounty ProgramMarch 2019: ARK GitHub Development Bounty Program
04/05/2019arkMarch 2019 Dev ReportMarch 2019: ARK Monthly Development Report
04/05/2019arkWhitepaper v2ARK Releases All New Whitepaper v2
04/05/2019arkMichel KraaijeveldMeet Michel - Ark's Newest Frontend Developer
04/01/2019videosArk Relay Node SetupHow To Setup Your Ark Relay Node in 10min
04/05/2019eventsArk Spring Contestrising_sun 500 Ark Spring Contest
04/05/2019pressblockspectator.com ArticleWhy ARK deserves our attention
04/12/2019arkCommunity Spotlight Community Spotlight — March 2019 Edition
04/12/2019articlesCYJ Video Number 3!Bridgechains: Constructing a Scalable Ecosystem and Creating Value
04/12/2019articlesSEC Guidelines on Digital Assets SEC Issues Guidelines on Digital Assets — Nobody Panic!
04/12/2019videosArk Community Update – Apr 12Ark Ecosystem Update from Jarunik
04/12/2019videosArk Core DevelopmentArk Core Development Visualized
04/12/2019videosACC Promo VideoARK Community Committee Promo Video
04/14/2019articlesWhy Invest in ARKWhy should you invest in ARK (summary of Whitepaper 2.0)
04/14/2019articlesCrypto AdoptionWhat is Crypto adoption? and how do we get there?
04/15/2019eventsEaster Egg Hunt 2019ARK Easter Egg Hunt 2019 — biz_classic + rising_sun
04/21/2019pressArk Info kaiserex.comARK Cryptocurrency Economic Model and General Information
04/27/2019eventsWin Ark!WIN 2.5 ARK per day for 30 days! Sponsored by Delegate cams_yellow_jacket
04/27/2019arkSpend ArkThe Spend.com App Now Operational for ARK with Fiat and VISA Capabilities
04/27/2019arkConsensus 2019ARK is Going To New York For Consensus 2019

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